"Bring Happiness Through Flowers"

Happiness comes from sharing and giving. It’s not have to be expensive, but impressive. That is why we share a belief of “Bring Happiness through Flowers”

Flower carry many meanings, they have a language of their own. Flowers represent the unspeakable feeling and a message without a word.

Flowers make people feel worthy and valuable. From a long time ago, people use flowers to describe what inside and what they’ve believe to people or to God.

We hope that we can make something elegantly beautiful through flowers is an idea transform to reality. Started with the journey of finding her passion, Ms. Vonny Hermawan made VEÉH Floral Atelier as a mediator to communicate happiness. Since 12 December 2016, VEÉH Floral Atelier was born as the moment of manifestation from her dream. She continued to practice her work and make it perfect each day.

Our Valuable Client